Baby Reindeer (2024 Netflix) 

By: Rachel Brodeur

The Netflix mini series Baby Reindeer is not as cute as the name implies. This modern thriller, based on a true story, takes place in the UK and lures its audience in much the same way its female lead, Martha, played by Jessica Gunning (Pride, Back), lures in her victim Donny Dunn, played by Scottish actor and show creator Richard Gadd (Wedding Season, Sex Education)

Perhaps it’s unfair to call Dunn a victim. Surely, he is stalked by Martha; there is no doubt about that. However, audiences are in store for much more than a story about a lonely woman becoming obsessed with an innocent bartender. Dunn’s actions are enough to cause viewers to yell at their screens in frustration. His choices are enough to call into question how much he is responsible for the chain of events. The tone starts off as comical, relatable and a little scary, but then becomes a story filled with complexity and trauma and at times disgust. 

Baby Reindeer gives voice to people that society often overlooks. Dunn struggles with his sexuality, and the show portrays some controversial views on how people may arrive at their desires and orientation. However, even when audiences may not agree, what is not up for debate is that all the characters have depth. Their flaws and virtues are not caricatures of overused tropes. Latina trans actress, Nava Mau (Generation Ana), gives a nuanced performance that could be a whole story in itself. In that way, Baby Reindeer should be taken in, in much the way someone takes in art. It is about the perspective of the artist and his relationship to society. Gad’s narration throughout the series creates an intimacy between him and the viewer, and that connection remains, even when he acts inexplicably. Viewers should adhere to the show’s content warnings. The characters are imperfect and messy, but not without their humanity, and it is that commonality that makes Baby Reindeer worth the emotional journey.

Rachel’s Rating: 7/10  Netflix’s mini series Baby Reindeer is a story of someone who passively invites a stalker into his life. Viewers should be prepared for an emotional journey and one in which their protagonist is imperfect. The show’s complicated relationship with sexuality and the violence that sometimes goes with it, runs the risk of overwhelming some viewers.