Dead Boy Detectives (2024 Netflix) 

By: Rachel Brodeur

Netflix’s Dead Boy Detectives gothic aesthetic brings new life to the teen mystery genre. Taking place in the world of The Sandman (Netflix 2022) and in true Neil Gaiman flair, the show features fantastical creatures with charm and humanity alongside their horror. The characters, whether they be mermaid, witch or Cat King, bring a modern sensibility to their mythical legends.

The two lead detectives are, as the title suggests, both dead boys played by Jayden Revri (Fate: The Winx Saga) and new face, George Rexstrew. Though they lived in different eras, separated by over 80 years, today the British pair find themselves solving crimes of the undead in a small New England town. They take cases helping ghosts settle unresolved business all while evading the bureaucracy of death that threatens to send them  off of the Earthly realm. As the season progresses, their team is rounded out by human counterparts like Kassisus Nelson (Hollyoaks) and Yuyu Kitamura (Expats) that keep the show grounded in the real world. 

With a main cast of mostly teenagers, the show’s surprising “mature” rating is largely undeserved. While their adventures do deal with demonic entities and deathly consequences, the content is unlikely to give most horror fans nightmares any more than other teenage supernatural shows in the genre like the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix 2018) or Wednesday (2022). The writing seems geared to a teenage demographic, steeped in boyfriend drama, need for parental approval, and blurred lines between friendship and attraction; however, what it lacks in maturity, it makes up for in villains. In Dead Boy Detectives, the villains are witty, clever, seductive, humorous and a reason for fans of mystery and horror, regardless of age, to enjoy the 10 episodes of the series. 

Rachel’s Rating: 7/10

Dead Boy Detectives (Netflix 2024) is a clever supernatural teen mystery series. The characters are interesting and the villains are equal parts charming and horrific. For the M rating, the show could have pushed the scare factor further, but still proves to be a binge worthy series steeped in fun.