Bridgerton Season 3 (2024 Netflix) 

By: Rachel Brodeur

With all the romance and whimsy of Jane Austen meets Gossip Girl, Netflix’s hit Bridgerton fans the flames of drama with its latest episodes. The third season starts with the debut of yet another Bridgerton daughter, Francesca, played by Hannah Dodd (Eternals) into the formal courtship field of a fictionalized 19th century English society. 

Those who have never seen the show, should be advised to go back and watch the first two seasons, as while it feels like a new beginning, season 3 relies on established conflicts that carry over without much explanation for new viewers. Returning fans, however, will appreciate the seamless transition.

What Bridgerton does well is create a fantasy out of history. The cast is diverse, the women are aesthetically arranged in an array of pastel gowns, and the largest problem of the day is not one of politics or government, but who will make the best match and whether it will please the capricious queen, played by Golda Rosheuvel (Luther, Lady Macbeth). The arguments, the hurt feelings, and the love stories are beautifully accented with a soundtrack of modern pop hits reimagined by string quartets and pianofortes. Stringed versions of Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” and Coldplay’s “Yellow” provide the perfect whimsical backdrop for young couples to fall in love. 

The third chapter of this Netflix streaming juggernaut brings back the steamy scenes that became the hallmark of the romantic franchise. The show has always pushed the salacious edge, but some choices this season reflect more modern sensibilities and further distinguish the series from a traditional romance. However, what stands out the most in this third installment is that the most pivotal relationships are the alliances made between friends and knowing who to trust. Perhaps Bridgerton allows for its audience members to see what they themselves value. It forces the questions of who deserves a happy ending: the virtuous, the kind, the intelligent, the honest, the beautiful?

It’s rare for a show to maintain its spirit and viridity after its initial story is told, however, Bridgerton, does so with renewed intensity. While longtime viewers won’t be disappointed with the resolution of conflicts both friend and familial, the series shines brightest when it focuses on the love stories that capture the heart of the viewer.

Rachel’s Rating: 7/10

Netflix’s Bridgerton will delight fans of this modernized version of 19th century English courtship. The third season is one where the friendships bring as much drama and satisfaction as the steamy romances.