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Movies have been a life long love affair for me.  I spent more time in the hospital than most kids and yet found that mandatory confinement to be an excellent way to connect with stories that carried me far away from an adjustable bed.  Tim Burton's Beetlejuice was the only exciting live action film offered on VHS in the pediatric ward, and as a result, I fell in love with every moment of the film over countless repeat viewings.

Like many movie lovers of the 1990's, I subscribed to Entertainment Weekly  with my allowance money and what was left went almost entirely to Suburban Video and to my  favorite Marcus Theaters location.  Being a native of the Chicagoland Suburbs I was always drawn to films that looked and felt like my upbringing (see above).   Post teen era John Hughes films (Home Alone, Uncle Buck, The Great Outdoors) will always remind me of the joys of being a kid.

The first night I knew I had fallen completely in love with movies, was the night I had my appendix removed.  Oscar night (1992) I was eleven years old and was convinced that Silence of the Lambs was the greatest film I had ever seen, yes I was eleven.   The heartbreak I felt when doctors explained to me that I wouldn't be able to remain conscience to watch the broadcast while they removed my ruptured appendix felt like my first real breakup.  Upon awaking from the ether, my parents explained to me that I was going to be ok, which was a tertiary concern at best, behind Dr. Hannibal Lecter (I had never heard of Sir Anthony Hopkins) winning best actor, and his film (I assumed he had directed as well) had taken home the top prize.

Thank you for visiting Movie Archer.  Thank you for supporting the film industry and for loving it the way that I do.  I will do my best to keep posting updated film reviews as often as possible!

Adam Freed 

Member of The Chicago Indie Critics

Managing Editor  / Senior Film Critic

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