Target Scores Explained

1 - The lowest achievable score for a film that contributes nothing positive to the art form. 

2- Provides brief glimmers of artistry but it is not sustained throughout the film.

3 -There are entertaining or interesting moments but lacks consistency or prolonged intrigue.

4- While certainly watchable, the film does not drive the artform forward in any way.

5- An average film.  Plenty of likable moments and maybe even a few memories are made.

6-A film containing numerous memorable moments.  A story that demonstrates intrigue artistry.

7- Distinctly positive viewing experience.  Connection to emotion and memory is likely.

8- Entering rarified air.  Films at this level of complexity and precision do not come along often.

9- In the conversation of one of the year's or genre's best films.  Art at close to its highest form.

10- Instant Classic.  A film that will stand the test of time and perpetuate almost universal reverence for eternity.